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News From The Chair
Margaret Dixon, ENCPC Chairperson

Last year the Eastern NC Poverty Committee made a commitment to refocus its efforts and reestablish itself as a vital resource for Eastern North Carolina. Following the devastating effects of Hurricane Floyd and the ensuing floods, many of the ENCPC's activities were put on hold.

The ENCPC has been able to stay true to that commitment and we have accomplished several goals over the past 8 months. Last year the ENCPC hired a MSW intern From East Carolina University to assist with organizing a roundtable for the eastern central area. Some efforts have also been made to organize an additional roundtable for the northeastern part of the state. The ENCPC board meets once a month or every other month depending on activity, and works closely with the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Probably the most visible contribution over the last year is the development of this very website. Leslie Hossfeld, an instructor at UNCW, has worked closely with the ENCPC board to produce this comprehensive website. The ENCPC has always done research and published information about poverty and conditions in eastern North Carolina, and is very committed to maintaining this website and providing updated information on a continuous basis.

Through the roundtables, the ENCPC has awarded numerous seed grants to assist local agencies with new and innovative projects that address issues related to poverty. The Southeastern Roundtable, which has been established for a number of years, continuously supports numerous housing and community issues through the Community Development Corporation in Wilmington. The Eastern Central Roundtable is working closely with the Pitt County Continuum of Care to submit a grant application to HUD, which could potentially bring $400,000 into Pitt County.

And lastly, we are pleased to launch the publication of this electronic newsletter, the first of a four-volume publication devoted to issues on poverty in Eastern North Carolina. In this edition, we examine the changes in poverty since 1980. Future editions will focus on job displacement in the east, wealth inequality and quality-of life, and housing inequality. Each edition will provide updated unemployment data, and new links to sites pertaining to poverty.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you will visit it often!
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Here are new web resources on issues relating to Eastern North Carolina.
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