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Service Learning for UNCP Students - Sociology students (pictured above) in Dr. Leslie Hossfeld's Community Development Course at UNCP collaborate with community members to organize the March 30th trip to Washington

Project Overview

The Center For Community Action – a community-based nonprofit organization in Lumberton, N.C. - is working with other community and institutional agents to develop and implement proactive strategies to address the massive job loss that has occurred in Robeson County during the last 10 years. The project includes the following components:

Formal and Participatory Research – Researchers, community members, and institutional agents are documenting and analyzing the economic and social impact of the massive job loss on the individuals, families, and institutions in Robeson County, N.C.

Community Organization – The Center For Community Action is working with existing efforts for economic recovery in Robeson County and collaborating with members of the grassroots and professional sectors to develop and implement additional strategies to redress the impact of the massive job loss in their communities.

Community Problem-Solving – Community members and institutional agents are identifying the problems caused by the massive job loss and determining solutions that will lead to a more sustainable economic system in Robeson County.

Program and Proposal Development and Support – Community and institutional agents are developing plans for new projects and programs to create more businesses and jobs in Robeson County and the infrastructure to support them. Plans are being developed into proposals that will be delivered to state and federal agents and agencies in 2004.

Multi-Sector Collaboration – The Job Loss Project is building a collaboration between persons and institutions from diverse communities and sectors throughout Robeson County in order to effectively and successfully address this issue.

Faith-based Involvement – Individuals and institutions from diverse communities of faith are engaging in the project. The N.C. Council of Churches is a collaborating partner on the State level.

Policy Development and Advocacy
– Grassroots and professional leaders are working with local, state, and federal officials and agencies to develop and advocate for responsible and creative local, state, and national policies that will:

  1. protect and promote U.S. jobs

  2. support the development of locally-owned, small business and jobs creation and a more sustainable economy for the future of Robeson County

Center For Community Action
P.O. Box 723, Lumberton, N.C. 28359

Dr. Leslie Hossfeld
Department of Sociology
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