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Data Definitions and Measurement

  African American Home Ownership Rate
  Annual Unemployment Rate
  Average Monthly Household Recipients of Food Stamps
  Average Monthly Recipients of Food Stamps
  Black Students Passing End of Grade Exams
  Crime Index Rate
  Current Unemployment Rate
  Elderly Poverty Rate
  Families in Poverty
  Families in Poverty With Female Householder
  Home Ownership Rate
  Home Ownership Rate without Mobile Home
  Infant Mortality Rate
  Per Capita Income
  Percent Mobile Homes
  Percent of Adults with College Education
  Percent of Adults with High School Education
  Percent of Children Below Poverty
  Percent of Population Below Poverty
  Percent Receiving Food Stamps
  Students Passing End of Grade Exams
  White Home Ownership Rate
  White Students Passing End of Grade Exams
  Work First Recipients (121)